Snareweight M80 Drum Dampener


Drum Hangs are pleased to be able to supply the worlds drumming community with the fantastic Snareweight range of products. Snareweight gives the player the ultimate flexibility in terms of drum dampening solutions. Simply put, Snareweight products improve your capability of producing a variety sounds with ease from your drums.


The Snareweight M80 is very useful for medium to heavy drum dampening and is available in 3 colour options: Black, White, and Brown.


Snareweight products will leave no unnecessary residue on your drums like some drum dampening gel or tape products can. On the M80, the snap on/off magent feature will give you 4 excellent options quickly when you need a little more or less dampening.


This product will work with pretty much all drum rim types. Please note, the leather thickness will vary between 1.5mm and 2.0mm.


This product is available for shipping worldwide and we look forward to taking care of your order.


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Snareweight M80 Drum Dampener


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