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Recommend Listening: "TAXI DRIVER" Soundtrack

taxi driver soundtrack

This was the first LP I bought when I went to New York in 1980. It somehow conjured up images of the streets of Manhattan in the 1970s, which still looked like I imagined it would. 

It had a profound effect on me when I first heard it, and it’s been a constant source of inspiration ever since. 

Apart from Tom Scott (alto saxophone) there are no musicians credited, so for many years I couldn’t figure out who was playing drums, but I loved it. However, over the next few years I eventually recognised the playing.....

......John Guerin. 

John's jazz background with a funk groove, Pearl fiberglass concert toms and K. Zildjians were all an incredible signature sound, and he makes a huge contribution to this record. 

These were the days of hand-written charts open to interpretation, sight-reading, no rehearsal, and live takes with the orchestra. Handling all this under pressure is one thing, but to do it with conviction, style, and attitude is another. John establishes the mood perfectly, and makes the odd time-signatures swing so effortlessly and seamlessly with an incredible feel and some pretty formidable chops. There’s also some amazing hihat playing, which I stole, shamelessly. There’s some beautiful language here, as well as wonderful melodies and arrangements. A perfect gem.

These five tracks were not in the movie, but were Dave Blume’s arrangements of Bernard Herrmann’s compositions, added to the original LP:

1. Theme from Taxi Driver

2. I Work The Whole City

3. Betsy In A White Dress

4. The Days Do Not End

5. Reprise: Theme From Taxi Driver

Thank you John.

Neal Wilkinson

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1 Comment

Like Neal and a great many others John Guerin is one of the very first names I utter when asked for a favourite player. Not only was his playing peerless; he also managed to 'snag' the beautiful and talented Joni Mitchell, what a guy.😎

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