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Vintage Ludwig Super Classic 1976 Outfit in White Marine Pearl


This stunning example of a Ludwig Super Classic from 1976 is now available at Drum Hangs.


Ludwig is simply the most famous name on drums; a truly iconic brand. When we look at this set of drums, we can’t help but to think of drummers such as Buddy Rich, Grady Tate, and Kenny Clare who all famously played Ludwig during their careers.


The stunning 3-ply Maple shells have clear interiors and are equipped with reinforcement rings. These drums have such a warmth about them along with that ‘Ludwig Growl’ that we’re all accustomed to; they’re certainly the real deal!


The tone is fat and punchy, and just by tapping each drum with your finger you can feel the potential instantly. Everything about this set is completely classic and is a real piece of history.


On this beautiful set, we have a 22x14” Bass Drum, 13x9” Rack Tom, and a 16x16” Floor Tom, all featuring the classic Ludwig Blue and Olive badge and all the drums date from 1976. The toms both feature internal dampeners which give the player a great range of tone control possibilities. The bass drum comes with T-rod handles for ease of tuning and is fitted with a rail consolette mount so the 13x9” rack tom can be set and fully supported. The telescopic bass drum spurs are easy to use and are also seriously classic!


The White Marine Pearl finish on this set of drums is jaw-dropping and really tugs at your heart strings. We must note that although there is no issue with the shell, there is a slight crack in the wrap on the bass drum; but this kind of adds to the vintage appeal of this set in our opinion.


The bass drum comes with a Protection Racket AAA Case and the 13x9” Tom comes with a Stagg Hardcase. There is no case for the 16x16” included.


All in all this is a great opportunity to own a very special set of drums; a proper set of drums, if we may say. You can’t help but fall in love with a drum set with as much character as this beautiful 1976 Ludwig Super Classic!


The drums are available for collection only from Surrey, UK.

Vintage Ludwig 1976 Super Classic in White Marine Pearl

    • 22" x 14" Bass Drum
    • 13" x 9" Rack Tom
    • 16" x 16" Floor Tom
    • Protection Racket AAA 22" x 14" Bass Drum Case
    • Stagg 13" x 9" Tom Hard Case
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