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Vintage Yamaha 9000 Drum Kit in Cherrywood w/Cases


This absolutely stunning example is now available for sale at Drum Hangs. The Yamaha 9000 series is completely iconic and has been associated throughout history with some of the biggest names in the drumming world such as Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, and John JR Robinson to name but a few.


Yamaha really knocked it out of the park when they launched the 9000 series back in the early 1980’s and they raised the bar in terms of what was possible in the world of drum manufacturing. Yamaha 9000 drums continue to surpass the expectations of drummers around the world with superior sound and build quality.


Yamaha 9000 series drums are focussed, punchy, and have seriously fat and full tone. It could be argued that they are the most recorded drums in history.


This beautiful Yamaha 9000 drum set was created at Yamaha in Japan circa 1986 and we have included the exact dates and serial number references of all the drums below in the specifications section. 


This set features rare standard sizes, they are not power toms. Standard size toms are much more desirable and have been in high demand since Yamaha stopped production in Japan in the early 2000’s. Sets such as this in these sizes do not come up very often at all. We have a 20” x 14” drilled bass drum which features T-rod handles and 10” x 7.5”, 12” x 8”, 14” x 10”, and 15” x 12” hanging toms. The set comes complete with a Yamaha triple tom holder and a Yamaha double tom stand.


The drums are finished in a beautiful, mirror-like, Cherrywood lacquer which is simply jaw-dropping. The shell interiors have a gorgeous cherrywood stain and the bearing edges are blonde.


The chances are that you may have been looking for a set of drums like this for sometime, so our advice to you is don’t delay and snap this up as sets like this are becoming harder and harder to track down as time passes.


As well as the Yamaha triple tom holder and double tom stand, we are also including a full set of used Protection Racket soft cases.


This set is available for collection only from Surrey, UK.

Yamaha 9000 Drum Kit in Cherrywood

    • 20" x  14" Bass Drum /  Serial No. MZ / December 1986
    • 10" x 7.5" Rack Tom / Serial No. MY / November 1986
    • 12" x 8" Rack Tom / Serial No. MZ / December 1986
    • 14" x 10" Rack Tom / Serial No. NH / January 1987
    • 15" x 12" Rack Tom / Serial No. MY / November 1986
    • Yamaha Triple Tom Holder
    • Yamaha Double Tom Stand
    • Protection Racket Cases for all drums.
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